2020 – 2021 Studio Policies


Each student will be scheduled for 36 weekly lessons over the course of the 2020-2021 school year (September through May). Tuition for these lessons is divided into 9 equal monthly payments. Tuition for the upcoming month is due in advance by the 15th; payments received after the 15th will incur a $20 late fee. Summer tuition is billed as a single payment, due May 15. Once paid, tuition is not refundable.  


Registration/Supply Fee

A non-refundable registration/supply fee of $30 per family is due upon enrollment, and again at the beginning of each school year. This fee covers all materials provided by the teacher (lesson books, sheet music, music theory workbooks, access to additional online resources, etc.). 


Student Absences

Students may cancel lessons as needed, with the understanding that missed lessons will not be refunded. Requests to reschedule are always welcome, although I cannot guarantee availability of an alternate time slot that works for both of us. If I do have an opening I am happy to accommodate! Alternatively, students may request a video lesson to watch later, or choose to forfeit the lesson. 


Teacher Absences

Occasionally I am prevented from working due to illness, lack of childcare, or other emergencies. In such cases I will either offer to reschedule, or issue a credit toward your next tuition installment. (For this purpose, the cost of a single lesson is considered to be 25% of your normal monthly tuition installment.)



Lessons are a month-to-month commitment, and students are not obligated to continue for an entire semester or school year. However, each student must register for a minimum of 4 summer lessons if they wish to return in the fall. Families who choose to take summers off forfeit access to early registration for the following school year, and may be waitlisted if the schedule is full.


Parent Involvement 

Taking an active role in your child’s music education has a direct impact on their progress.  Parents are always welcome to attend/observe lessons!  Please plan to do some coaching between lessons until your child is capable of practicing effectively on their own.