Keeping Your Piano in Tune

Your piano needs a little love and attention to keep it in tip-top shape! Avoid placing it on an exterior wall or exposing it to dramatic changes in humidity. Teaching your family to avoid setting drinks on the piano is a good idea, too!

Acoustic pianos should also be professionally tuned about once a year. Piano strings are under a great amount of tension and over time — whether the instrument is played or not — the strings begin to stretch, causing the pitch to sound flat. Changes in humidity can accelerate this process. If a piano is not tuned for years on end, it may require a pitch-raise tuning (a process which requires multiple visits) or, in some cases, can deteriorate beyond repair.

When choosing a professional to service your piano, it’s a good idea to look for someone who is a certified piano technician. Technicians, unlike tuners, must be credentialed by the Piano Technicians Guild; they have the expertise necessary to perform major repairs, replace parts, and voice and regulate your instrument as needed.

If you live in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area, I highly recommend the following piano technicians: 

Alex Smith | (214) 704-7032

Alejandro Miranda
(972) 814-3893